Provide Effective Solutions for All Air-conditioning Needs.
CLINT offers a complete and integrated range of machines for centralized air conditioning of residential, commercial and industrial building. The rich production line combines a wide range of value added solutions for market and individual customers needs. From fan coil units to chillers and roof-tops, CLINT’s skill and professionalism can grant customers top production standards, attention to details, best ESEER. levels, and noiselessness: CLINT’s a guarantee of ideal comfort. The vast selection of water chillers and heat pumps from 5 to 9000 kW makes up an essential part of CLINT’s production. Roof-top systems are also included in the Company’s « core business », independent conditioning units for commercial and industrial buildings and fan coil units, available in 3 different designs to best satisfy the architectural requirements of any single environment. Completing the vast line of CLINT air-conditioning products, there are also refrigerating machines specifically dedicated to systems with radiating panels and cold beams, systems with an ever increasing presence in the world of thermal comfort, and heat pump units , an alternative to the traditional furnace, dedicated to heating environments in particularly rigid climates.

Made a Name for Ourselves in the Air-conditioning Sector, Actually More than One.
Created from the integration of single-product Companies operating in the air conditioning field, process cooling, close control and air treatment, G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING unites a series of industry leading Companies in the international thermo-technical industry. The particularity of G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING is in fact the amount specialization in this field and it is characterized by the synergy of the experience and advanced technological content of each Company. Every structure has its own know-how and its own specializations; within the group, CLINT represents the segment of water coolers, roof-tops, vent-convectors and terminal units, intended for those markets where the demand for air conditioning systems is continuously increasing, but above all where the use of centralized hydronic systems manages to generate the true added value that traditional direct expansion appliances are not able to supply.

A Fully Certified System – Strongly Committed to Quality
The company believes in customer satisfaction as an added value for its products. CLINT pursues this objective through research and development of special solutions to grant custi=omers the best results over time, improved performance and higher COP, accompanied by high quality training of its post-sales service professionals and great attention to the increasingly demanding requirements of an ever evolving market.
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